7th Pay Commission 2023 New Salary: Very good news for central employees

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7th Pay Commission 2023 New Salary: Recently once again another good news has been given by the government for the central employees. Due to which the staff is very happy for everyone. Because all the employees and pensioners have been sent to dearness allowance once again. Due to which the employees are very happy and their family members are also looking happy.

And all the people are also paying good attention to their work. They are demanding from the government that the salary should also be increased, so soon the government may update regarding the salary as well. Because elections are going to be held in the coming year. Only dearness allowance has been increased, soon salary can also be increased. In this article, 7th Pay Commission 2023 New Salary will be told.

Let us tell you that recently the government has been engaged in dearness allowance for the central employees. In which an increase of 4% is being told. Earlier dearness allowance was getting 38%, now it has increased to 42%, due to which all central employees are very happy. Hopefully more can be found by the staff soon. And it can be announced by the central government.

Since dearness allowance has been increased, it is further being said that the same can be done in salary. That’s why every time salary has been given to all the employees through the Seventh Pay Commission.

7th Pay Commission 2023 New Salary

The sports government always keeps on giving one or the other gift to the central employee. This time also a gift of 4% dearness allowance has been given. All the center employees are very happy with this, it is being told in the coming days. That the central employee can get something else which has been increased by 4% salary.

According to him, now all central employees were getting 38% dearness allowance on basic salary of 30500, which has now increased to 42%. Earlier ₹ 8930 was available at 38%, now it has increased to ₹ 9830. The one who will get salary now will be made so big. All central employees are very happy. And it is expected that they will be happy in future as well. Everyone can use this money for their family and for convenience. Central Govt. can be gifted.

7th Pay Commission 2023 New Salary: Very good news for central employees

How many central employees will get benefit from this dearness allowance?

It is being said that all central employees are going to get a lot of benefit from the dearness allowance made by the government. That 47.58 lakh employees and more than 69000 lakh pensioners will get benefits. In this way, more than one lakh beneficiaries will get the benefit of dearness allowance made by the central government.

By increasing this dearness allowance, a big impact is being seen on the government exchequer. It is being told that the government will be affected by 12815 crores, which in itself is a huge treasure. Understood that 4% has been increased so it is so big. The expenditure will come from the government from whom the employees demand. If it is increased accordingly, then you can understand how much effect it can have.

That’s why the government increases the salary of the employee after thinking it through and taking out all the further expenses. Because the government has to move forward keeping everything in mind, only the salary of the central employees cannot be increased by the central government, it is presented accordingly. According to which money can be spent in other schemes of the country.

How is the salary of the central employee increased?

As seen every time, the salary of the central employee was increased by some percent. Which is sometimes increased in allowance. The sleeping worker does not have any problem and happily does the job. According to sources, in 2016, when the Seventh Pay Commission was implemented, the salary was increased with the pressure of the new rule.

And this rule is being carried forward as well, in the Sixth Pay Commission, there was no such salary formula which was seen in the Seventh Pay Commission. That’s why everyone supports the 7th Pay Commission a lot. And according to this rule they also demand salary.

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