8th Pay Commission: Very good news for central employees

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8th Pay Commission: Central employees are once again going to get great news, recently the dearness allowance has been increased by the Seventh Pay Commission, soon the salary can also be increased, so far no decision has been taken by the government. The announcement has not been made but the related announcement can be made soon.

At this time all central employees are demanding 8th pay commission. Because if 8th pay is implemented then there can be a huge jump in the salary of all central employees. In this article, 8th Pay Commission will be discussed.

Tell that at present all central employees are taking money through the Seventh Pay Commission. So far only the Seventh Pay Commission has been implemented in India. But the discussion of 8th Pay Commission has started. The government is being demanded on social media that it should be implemented soon. According to the source, it is being told that in the year 2024, India’s general elections are going to be held.

And there is talk that a new pay commission can be constituted after the elections. Till now it has not been officially announced by the government. But it is being demanded in different parts of the country that a new Pay Commission will be constituted after the general elections next year. And through that the salary should be given to all the central employees.

Soon the announcement can be made by the concerned government. Because if more announcements are made before the elections, then the present government can be of great benefit. Hope any anger related can be done quickly by Modi Govt. But till now no official announcement has been made whether it will be announced now or not.

8th pay commission

If the new pay commission is announced by the government after the general elections next year, then it can be implemented by 2026 because all the central employees cannot get the money as soon as the announcement is made, in that you will have to give a few days’ time, only then your salary will be released. There will be a delay and accordingly all of you will be given salary.

In some parts of India, demands are being made on a big level from the government regarding 8th Finance Commission and soon all the central employees can also demand through social media. That after the general elections next year, 8 pay commissions should be formed, if it is formed, then all the employees will get a lot of benefit in salary.

8th Pay Commission: Very good news for central employees

When can the 8th Pay Commission be constituted?

If the 8th Pay Commission is formed by the end of next year 2024. So it will be implemented in the coming 2 years i.e. by 2026. And after that there will be an increase in the salary of central employees. As much salary is being given in the Seventh Pay Commission. Compared to that, one can get salary with many major changes in the 8th Pay Commission.

In which many more benefits will be included, due to which all the central employees are going to get a lot of benefits. So far it has not been presented as a proposal in the Parliament. By introducing quickly the next salary can be formed.

Will 8th pay commission come or not?

At present, the most important question is whether the Eighth Pay Commission will be formed or not. Because the government had mentioned it in the Parliament a few years ago that there is no such proposal in the present situation. Minister of State for Finance Pankaj Chowdhary denied this in the Lok Sabha. However, if sources are to be believed, the Pay Commission will be formed when the time comes.

But now the government has time to consider the new scale of salary hike, its ways are being found. Soon it will be formed in a new way and experts believe that the year 2024 will be the right time. When the government can think about the formation of pay commission. If the 8th Pay Commission is not formed, then changes will be made in the 7th Pay Commission itself. And accordingly the salary of all central employees can be increased.

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