Dream 11 Main Team kaise Lagaen: You too can win one crore

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Dream 11 Main Team kaise Lagaen: IPL match season is going on. All the children are watching IPL. And setting up dream11 team. Because dream11 team is very popular. And everyone is playing very well. But the more money you invest, the more money you can recover. Sometimes this money does not even come. In this, you make a shortcoming that you are not able to choose a good day.

That’s why all of you are not able to win one crore rupees. If you want to win this crore rupees then you have to take ricks in dream11. And you have to choose such a team which looks like it can lose, only then you all can win. In this article Dream 11 Main Team kaise Lagaen will be told.

Let us tell you that a lot of contacts are seen in the dream11 team. In which you can join content ranging from ₹ 10 to thousands of rupees. Whoever likes it. That’s how content is selected. But due to not getting the victory, then they prepare for the next match. And they start thinking that all of us in the next team will definitely win. But the same condition happens in that dream11 content which happened when it was used in the previous team.

That’s why a lot of money gets wasted if good money is not recovered even after playing again and again. That’s why all of you have to play dream11 by taking Ricks. All the children choose the same player who is looking in good form. But when I start, some players get passed out and some get out after scoring 10 runs. So some get out after scoring 5 runs.

Dream 11 Main Team Kaise Lagaen

How to make a good team in dream11 this question is coming in the mind of all the kids. All children search again and again on YouTube and Google. And watch the video how to put together a good team. If you go, you will tell everyone to stop watching all those videos. He is also not paying attention to the group and channel that has been created on Telegram. You have to choose the team which sometimes they come in form.

You have to choose the same player only then you will be able to win all the good money. Because not all children want to take ricks and choose big players. Due to which if you have joined the content of ₹ 49, then only ₹ 49 can be recovered. He didn’t get any benefit just wasted time.

So instead of joining the content again and again, it is better that you all choose such players who sometimes come in form and play well. If all of you make such a choice, then you too can win one crore rupees. Because only those who put such teams can win crores of rupees. dream11 has become such a team today that everyone wants to play it. Some are playing for time pass and some are playing to earn money, but they are not able to touch anything.

Dream 11 Main Team kaise Lagaen: You too can win one crore

Set Dream11 Team According To Pitch Report

Before setting dream11 team you have to know on which city pitch the match is going to take place. If you find this out then it will be easy for you to set up a dream11 team. Because it is important to know that the bowling on the pitch is going to be good. Or batting if bowling is good then dream11 team will have to choose the highest bowler. And all those bowlers have to be selected as well. Who are playing for the first time in the upcoming match.

Because those who play for the first time also do well. That’s why you have to choose the bowler by taking ricks. The selection of batsmen has to be done in very less quantity. After that you have to choose more all-rounders. Because the all-rounder gets a chance to bowl and also gets a chance to bat. So you will be on double advantage wicketkeeper you have to choose according to the last match.

If the wicket keeper has given good performance in the last match, then you can choose him. If you think that batting here is too much of a problem, then don’t choose an opener. Because he can get out early. If you think batting is good on this pitch. So you have to choose the batsman. And the selection of the opener is necessary, the selection of the all-rounder has to be done. All you have to do is select the same player. Those who are going to come up to number one, two, three and four.

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